Some Real World Dating Advice for Men Over 50

advice-for-men-over-50Gentlemen – Here’s some real dating advice for men over 50 age from a widow experience and back in the dating scene the last year.

1. Life is not high school. Act mature. You are missing out on a LOT of great women because you still think the prom queen is waiting for you. Really?

2. Take a look at yourself in the mirror – are you neat, clean, haircut, clothes pressed, beard trimmed? Seriously – please make an effort. We don’t care about the belly or the bald spot – we DO care about someone who takes a shower and brushes his teeth.

3. Act interesting as well as be interested! Some of you are advertising for mothers, nurses, and maids – not friends and partners. It shows. If you can’t initiate a conversation at this point, and ask questions about her and her life….what makes you think we are willing to do the same? We may be lonely, but we are not desperate.

4. We get you all like football, cars, and NASCAR. So – go enjoy it. We don’t have to be joined at the hip. Hopefully, if we TALK we will find mutual likes, etc.

5. Drop the “I don’t do drama” line. This has to be the most selfish line ever written because what you are really saying is that you never figured out how to discuss and resolve a conflict with another human being, and you are not even willing to try. And you say you are ready for a relationship?

6. Be OK in terms of taking care of yourself; it’s not about a lot of money; it’s about knowing what to do with what you have. Take care of your business. It’s how you build trust with us.

7. Great physical intimacy isn’t always about an erection. It’s about being willing to be romantic; it’s about touching; it’s about exploring; it’s about deriving pleasure from what you CAN give as much as from what you can get. Buy a book – read about it. Or better yet, ASK us.

8. Don’t lie, cheat, steal, etc. It’s wrong. And you don’t have to; believe us when we tell you, we women have been through so much by this time in our lives, we can smell a line of BS at 50 paces. Save us all the time and trouble. You want want to go – tell us and go. We will eat a pint of ice cream this time, and go to bed. The sun will still rise in the morning and set at night.

9. Life on this side of the line is shorter – we ALL could use a lot more laughter, love, great sex, and someone that cares in our lives. We are ALL looking for each other. What we need you to do is clean your window and let us really see you as you are.

10. Life IS shorter – stop wasting time. Ask. Dare to start something. Do something – ANYTHING. Just don’t sit there and let us pass by.

Seriously, guys. Seriously.

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